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re: Necrotic Rage: Super item for mages sigil

How To Obtain Necrotic Rage/Semblance Greater Essence. [[40+ / Guardian Faction Only]].
By: Auger

Hello, Auger here.

Have you ever looked at your fellow group/raid members and see them instantly get transformed into a lich or a skeleton rogue?

I'm here to tell you how to obtain the almighty Necrotic essence.

You must complete the Marshal Kain storyline quests in Scarwood Reach (To find out if you have, click C, titles and find the Faction title "Kain's fist".)

In Iron Pine Peak, Whitefall, Do the following quests (All Storyline);
-Mercy is for the weak
-Make him sing
-A Hymn of frost and flame (This quest requires travelling to droughtlands, so make sure you have the port. If you do not have a port ask a friend to summon you to lantern hook OR Travel to sanctum and speak to Fortuna Cosani, near Cyril's throne and do the quest for it.)
-Thedeor's Guidance
-An unbearable Burden
-A matter of providence
-Speak to the fist
-One Soldier to another

After completing One Soldier to another you then must travel to Shimmersand, fortune's shore and speak to the portal master to claim your location (if you have not claimed it yet). Otherwise port to fortune's shore.

You will within 30 minutes get mail with a wand-like object, use it and talk to Seargent Coda, he will then offer you a Necrotic Rage / Necrotic Semblance greater essence.

Necrotic Rage is a casters essence and the Necrotic Semblance is a melee essence.

I only write guides that aren't found often by google searching, so keep a sharp eye out for any other guides I shall release.

-Ersen. (Augerform).
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